Commit fbea6b84 authored by anderson's avatar anderson

Update conf/

parent 84ac9023
......@@ -96,9 +96,9 @@ download_seafile(){
echo $(curl -sL "${SEAFILE_DOWNLOAD}"/?p=/pro/beta&mode=list) \
| grep -oE "seafile-pro-server_"${SEAFILE_VERSION}"_x86-64.tar.gz&dl=1" > SEAFILE_TAR
echo "Download Seafile link: "${SEAFILE_DOWNLOAD}"/files/?p=/pro/$(cat SEAFILE_TAR)"
echo "Download Seafile link: "${SEAFILE_DOWNLOAD}"/files/?p=/pro/beta/$(cat SEAFILE_TAR)"
sync; wget -O - ${SEAFILE_DOWNLOAD}/files/?p=/pro/$(cat SEAFILE_TAR) | tar xzf - --strip-components=1 -C ${SEAFILE_SERVER_PATH};
sync; wget -O - ${SEAFILE_DOWNLOAD}/files/?p=/pro/beta/$(cat SEAFILE_TAR) | tar xzf - --strip-components=1 -C ${SEAFILE_SERVER_PATH};
crudini --set ${SEAFILE_SERVER_STATUS} seafile-server DOWNLOADED true
chown seafile:seafile ${SEAFILE_SERVER_PATH} -R
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